Virtual opening!

I have made many exciting plans for Seattle Food Movement in 2015. I'm opening my virtual doors to begin accepting Skype clients for nutritional consulting in March. In late April I will begin the certification process to learn CranioSacral Therapy. I've been a massage therapist for years and always dreamed of taking the plunge into learning this powerful technique. I will be learning over the next two years how to become an expert in it.

Then in late May I l fly to The Netherlands to a "homecoming week" which will allow me to certify in Restorative Exercise ™, a program near and dear to my heart. I've been studying this work of Katy Bowman's for nearly two years now and will finally take the steps necessary to complete the certification process so that by this summer I will be a Restorative Exercise ™ Specialist. 

It has been a long and arduous journey to get to this place. I've made many discoveries along the road to my own healing and many bumps and bruises were made along the way. It is these "setbacks" that teach us what life is all about, the yearning to keep going. As hard as it is to keep going or get up from a fall with support we can. There truly is no limit to what this life has to offer us, we just have to be thirsty for it and open to where it may take us. 

I invite you to join this movement with me. Learn with me with what it is to fully nourish our bodies via whole, delicious, nutrient dense foods, whole body movement in more aligned bodies, and bodies free from some of the restrictions that may have held us back in the past. Let's look towards the future together and not think of our past as mistakes but blocks for which we stepped upon to lead us to where we are going. 

Thank you as always for reading!