Ghee Bombs or as my toddlers calls them, "Yummies"

Wondering why I would be making something called a ghee bomb? Let me introduce you to ghee, if you haven't made an acquaintance with it yet, I hope you will become fast friends. First for those of you that are lactose and/or casein intolerant, ghee is clarified butter which means that most of the milk solids have been removed. Really this just opens the door to butter for a larger group of people. :)

Ayurvedic medicine has long touted the many benefits of ghee, finding it helpful for all doshas. Ghee and for that matter, butter have long been used to help lubricate connective tissues and promote flexibility. For men interested in enhancing the quantity and quality of their semen for preconception preparation, ghee has also been shown effective. 

Ghee is high in fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E, and K). It helps convert fiber in the digestive tract into butyric acid which promotes healthy intestinal flora. Ghee has been shown to help stimulate biliary secretions which is good news for those that have difficulty digesting their fats. 

The second piece of this recipe that makes it a true star, is Fermented Cod Liver oil (or FCLO for short)! Now why am I excited about this? FCLO is an extremely nutrient dense, whole food rather than isolated Omega 3's found in fish oils. It is high in Vit A, D, E and K just like ghee and this is important because all of the vitamins are fat soluble (meaning that can not be absorbed properly without fat) and they are synergistic, meaning they are better absorbed together rather than isolated. This is why I recommend so heavily whole foods for our nutrients. Nature has it already worked out for us, how best our bodies will be able to use the materials, together not isolated! Not to say there is no place for high quality (this is crucial) fish oil, I just find we absorb nutrients better in whole food form. We also need to chew our food a bit and get the saliva, which should be rich in salivary lipase, to start breaking down and digesting those highly oxidation prone Omega 3/6 fatty acids. So I am really happy that this food item you need to chew a little as it is hard. 

Without further ado here is the recipe!

I found this recipe for ghee bombs from the Paleo mama and had almost everything required, but a few things so I changed it up for what we had. Her recipe was for cinnamon flavoring, but my family loves mint and our Fermented Cod Liver oil is mint flavored, so I used that and extra peppermint oil for flavor, otherwise I left her recipe unchanged. Be sure to check out her recipe above for the cinnamon version! 

What you will need:

1 cup Ghee ( I used this brand at her recommendation, OMG it is SO good!)

3 TB raw local honey

2 TB Fermented Cod Liver oil (I used the Arctic Mint flavor)

1 tsp Peppermint flavor ( I used this one )

1 sandwich sized ziploc bag

1 cookie sheet

Non bleached parchment paper to line cookie sheet


1) Combine all ingredients in food processor or mix by hand.

2) Once mixture is well combined, add to a small ziploc bag.

3) Snip small section off of a corner of the bag, have your lined cookie sheet underneath you when you do this!

4) Begin making small "dots" on the parchment paper. Once you've emptied the bag, put the cookie sheet in the freezer until they are hardened. Maybe 10-20 mins?

5) I popped them off with a spatula or small knife and stored them in a larger ziploc in the freezer. Enjoy!