Highlighted Food: Onions

In my quest to teach people about the many benefits of food and eating to support our health, I think it is crucial to include those foods we take for granted. After all, it is the more common foods that will be more readily available and possibly cheaper for you to purchase. I recommend my clients eat 8-10 servings a day of veggies so I'm looking out for your check book here! 

So a simple onion could be a powerhouse for my health? Yes! Onions are an extremely healthy food that delivers a big punch for little cost. Onions are a sulfur rich food, which has a myriad of benefits, most notably sulfur's role as a methyl donor in our bodies processess of detoxification. Onions are high in an antioxidant, quercetin which has been shown to support healing of the lining of our small intestines (possibly why it is so helpful with allergies, reducing intestinal permeability has been shown to improve allergy symptoms). 

Onions share a lot of the benefits of garlic, being apart of the same family. Onions have been shown to decrease blood pressure, have a significant impact on lowering blood sugar, prevent clot formation, and decrease blood lipid levels. You will receive these benefits from all types of alliums: leeks, garlic, red/white onion, green onions, etc

Onions are a good source of Vit C (eat raw for this benefit), B6 (helpful at helping our livers process hormones efficiently), biotin, chromium, dietary fiber, a folate, B1, and K1 (note plants store K1, which we have to convert to K2 after eating. Animal sources of vitamin K are K2, some of the work is done for us). 

There a surely as many ways to prepare onions as there are stars in the skies. It is such a versatile vegetable. What are your favorites ways to incorporate onions? Here are some links to recipes that really let the onion shine through:


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