Anti inflammatory Cauliflower rice

We love our cauliflower rice around here, but let's face it it can get a little boring if you don't add some variety now and then. I decided to use my new favorite cooking oil as the base of this dish for its highly therapeutic properties, Turmeric Superghee. If you don't have this product, rush out and get it seriously it is amazing. You can of course make your own, but I've yet to find the time to make my own ghee although I know it is simple, I have one phrase: 4 year old. They get into everything, so if there is this lovely product I'm going to use it and pinch pennies elsewhere. 

Turmeric is a wonder when it comes to squashing inflammation. One of the ways that is does this is by increasing your livers glutathione production which is a potent anti oxidation nutrient. Turmeric has been shown to improve your brain's ability to get oxygen which in turn has benefits on your memory and overall brain health. Turmeric has been shown to help in reversing insulin resistance and even to be effective at lowering glucose, even when held up against Metformin. Turmeric is basically all over wonder herb and has many uses. One word of cause though, it is high in oxalates so if you have been told to avoid them or if you know you are sensitive to oxalates you would be wise to avoid it. As always one person's medicine can be another's poison, no one food or drug is right for all. 


I threw this this meal together in less than 30 minutes, would have been quicker if I'd prepared the cauliflower beforehand. By the way that is a great idea that saves a lot of time when you get all your veggie for the week and prechop things. I just got the cauliflower today so It was a mute point.

This dish went really well with fresh cherry tomatoes, cilantro garnish, avocado, sweet potato fries and a grass fed beef burger as you can see. Just the right flavor combinations and textures. Everyone was happy.

An idea of how to serve it, with a burger and fries. 😉 

An idea of how to serve it, with a burger and fries. 😉 

Let me know if you give this a try!


1 large cauliflower, riced in food processo

3 green garlic, chopped (can sub green onions)

4 small bell peppers, choppe

1 tbsp turmeric superghee

1/4 tsp sea salt

2 tbsp coconut aminos

2 tbsp coconut milk

1/2 tsp curry powde

1/2 tsp cumi

1/2 c halved cherry tomatoe

1 tbsp fresh cilantro sprig

*if you do not have the superghee use ghee instead and add 2 tsp turmeri

Chop the cauliflower into small pieces and add to food processor, pulse until "rice like". Add to a hot pan with the ghee melted. Stir and cook on medium heat. Chop up all other veggies and add. Add spices and liquids. Stir to combine well. Let cool for 5-10 minutes, stirring occasionally to avoid burning. Serve with halved cherry tomatoes and fresh cilantro garnish.