I have a special interest in the preconception period and supporting women throughout pregnancy to help them create and nourish children who are born with a head start in health instead of a deficit. Childhood illnesses and disorders are on the rise in no small part to the taxing affect modern, processed foods, and inactiivity have put on our bodies.  Each generation becomes more and more deficient in the building blocks of health. I want to help turn this tide so the next generation experience BETTER health than their parents. I incorporate Restorative Exercise ™ in my work to not only help women have a more comfortable pregnancy, but to help them prepare their bodies for optimal birthing mechanics, increasing pelvic outlet through better alignment. Craniosacral massage is incredibly gentle (the pressure of a nickel) and can help to relieve aches and pains during pregnancy and help prepare women for birth.

Crescendo Wellness™ offers Nutritional Therapy, Craniosacral massage, and is a Nutritious Movement Certified™ Restorative Exercise Specialist.