What do I mean by real health? For that matter what is real food? At Crescendo Wellness™, I will teach you what it means to harness the healing and restorative nature of your food. You will learn what it means to truly digest your food so that it may form, cleanse, and repair each and every cell of your body. Food is powerful medicine that you have the opportunity to learn how to use effectively! 

What is Nutritional Therapy and what do I offer?

As a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner I am trained in the Foundations of health and approach all of my clients issues from this view point. You may have learned what foods are healthy and which foods may be harmful, but the way in which our bodies are able to utilize those nutrients is just as important. It does the body no good and no small amount of harm to substantially increase healthy fats to the diet, for instance, if you are not digesting and utilizing that fat. My job is to assess where the kinks are occurring in this process for each of my clients. Given the right nutrients and supporting your ability to utilize and absorb these nutrients makes all the difference in merely aspiring towards health and truly thriving. I want all my clients to be able to experience what it is to have your cells operating at their top functioning ability. 

I believe in addressing each individual I work with as just that, an individual. What works for one may not work at all for you and vice versa. I take your biochemical individuality very seriously and the results can be very transforming. 

Crescendo Wellness™ is about helping people grow in their health to have as vibrant and full of a life as you dream of. 

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A properly prepared, nutrient dense, whole foods diet is at the heart of our work

Digestion: Learn what proper nutrition should look like, where it goes wrong, what the ramifications are of improper digestion, and what you can do to improve yours. 

Blood Sugar Regulation: Learn how fluctuations in your blood sugar throughout the day stress your body, hamper your healing, age you and more. This class will teach you the sneaky ways sugar dysregulation is wreaking havoc for you and ways to change that for good.

Essential Fatty Acid Balance: You may have heard that omega 3's are crucial to our health for their anti inflammatory processes in the body. Learn about the essential fatty acids, what their proper balance means to you and how to make sure you are sufficient. 

Hydration: We will address the many crucial roles proper hydration plays in the body. What silent and not so silent signals is your body sending you that it is really very, very thirsty? On a cellular level we need water, each and every process our body executes depends on being properly hydrated. 

Mineral Balance: Learn about how improper mineral balance can affect your life. Minerals are intricately entwined and when they get out of whack due to a number of factors the results send us into a tail spin.