What is Restorative Exercise™?

               Restorative Exercise is a holistic program designed by scientist, Katy Bowman. It is a program that utilizes geometry and physics to bring the body into alignment, restoring optimal lengths to muscle and acquiring new motor skills. We will use 25 objective alignment markers that can be applied to any body.  These alignment markers are really effective at drawing attention to areas of the body that have become unhealthy and need restoration. Through gentle guidance you will learn to restore alignment to your body and use whole body movement in the form of walking, squatting, and hanging/swinging to enjoy more vibrant health. The corrective exercises I teach are a tool to get your body back into alignment. You will be encouraged to make lifestyle changes to get your whole body moving more frequently such as walking (so much walking!), sitting less and in more varied positions when you do sit, changing footwear, and varying your positions throughout the day. I will guide you through a program that makes sense for where you are at now. My goal is to empower my clients to learn more about how their body moves and functions so that they can live in their bodies with less pain, more mobility, and joy. If you have a body then Restorative Exercise™ is for you. ALL body types, fitness levels, high and low can and will benefit from Restorative Exercise™. 


I have a special interest in helping pregnant and postpartum women birth with more ease and recover more fully after labor. I'm an advocate for empowering women to know their bodies, love their bodies, and move their bodies. Whatever type of birth you wish for, whatever type of birth experience you had, I support you. Our design as women is NOT flawed, but our lifestyles in modern culture HAVE impacted our birthing mechanics. I can help get your body moving in a way that supports you in the birth outcomes you wish for. 

Benefits of Restorative Exercise:

Decrease wear and tear on joints

Increase metabolism

Improve digestion

Boost organ function

Improve lung and heart function

Calm a stressed neurological system

Improve overall circulation and lymphatic flow

Increase strength to weight ratio

Benefits of Restorative Exercise for your pregnancy:

VBAC support

Relieve Sciatica/SI pain

Ideal fetal positioning

Swift recovery postpartum, which supports postpartum mood and bonding

 Reduce Foot pain

Typical pregnancy pains do not have to be the norm!

Prevention of diastasis recti

Resolve or prevent“Sneeze pee”

Maximize pelvic outlet so there is more birthing space

Benefits of Restorative Exercise postpartum:

Help to heal pelvic floor and restore function

Restore your core 

Help to fundamentally heal Diastasis Recti, NOT place a bandaid on it, but truly heal.

Identify alignment issues of baby holding, breastfeeding, sleeping positions, etc and make lifestyle adjustments

Introduce better body mechanics for nursing and help relieve back ache

Get moving again after baby and WITH baby


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