Services and Rates



Get hooked up with all I offer in this maintenance plan. After you've had an initial interview, either a private first Restorative Exercise session or attended a Healthy Feet workshop you are eligible to sign up for this subscription. 

You will receive one hour long follow up nutritional consult per month. In addition,  you will receive a one hour private Restorative Exercise session and a 1.5 hour craniosacral massage. This package is paid monthly for a minimum of 3 months and may be extended or added on to with a la carte items as client sees fit. 

Preconception Package

$175/month + $95/month for partner

For my clients that want to prepare their whole body for conception I recommend this package. This package is paid monthly for a minimum of 4 months, then it can be renewed for another 4 months or you can choose to pay a la carte picking and choosing which areas you want to focus on. 

Included are one initial 90 minute nutritional assessment, (3) follow up nutrition consults (4) 1-hour private Restorative Exercise sessions, (4) 1-hour craniosacral massages.  This works out to one session of each service per month. You will receive 15% off professional grade supplements and free shipping costs for 6 months. You will also receive a half dome, monster band, and a set of Yoga Tune Up Balls, a $35 value. If your partner would like to go through the process along with you, which I HIGHLY recommend it is an additional $60/month. I want your partner MOTIVATED to join! 

Preconception Nutrition Package

$85/month + $55/month for partner

Some of my clients aren't quite ready to take the three pronged approach of nutrition, restorative exercise, and massage. This is absolutely fine! I've got you covered. Making changes in your diet and really supporting your body through proper digestion and whole foods WILL make a huge impact. I continue to share lifestyle tips along the way during this program that encompass my other areas of expertise. This is a 4 month commitment up front, but I typically ask clients to commit to 6 months if they can. I can't stress enough how proper preparation before conceiving affects both baby and parents during and after pregnancy. You may always renew this after the initial four months on a month to month basis. This package includes the initial nutrition consult 1.5-2 hours plus 4 follow up sessions. 

Pregnancy/Postpartum Package


This package is intended to be an extension for clients who have already completed the preconception package, but works lovely for clients who are already pregnant as well. This package includes an initial nutritional assessment, 90 minutes of my time, a 1 hr follow up nutrition consult each trimester, including the "fourth" trimester, an hour Restorative Exercise private session (first is 75 min) and 1.5 hour craniosacral massage for each trimester, including postpartum. This package also includes two sessions for you baby postpartum. Best used within 3 months of the birth to help resolve any residual birth trauma.  You will receive 15% off professional grade supplements with free shipping, a half dome, monster band, and set of Yoga Tune Up Balls. 

A la carte Menu

Hourly rate for each service, can be added on to any package or purchased individually:

$175 Initial Nutrition consult split into two sessions. First is going over paperwork and discussing goals, education, this can be done via Google Hangout if that is easier for you. Second session is developing a protocol, testing foods and supplements for support, this session is not available distance only at my office.  Each session is 1 hour. 

$45 30 min nutrition consult

$90 1 hr nutrition consult

$90 Restorative Exercise private session -1 hr *available via GoogleHangout as well as at my office

$90-  60 min Craniosacral/fascial balancing massage session for adults

$90- Newborn massage session, typically 45 min- 1 hr. Sometimes babies say they are done after 15 mins and I respect their wishes. Rates are prorated, if we only do 15 mins, it is $22.50.  *Sliding scale available for families in need. 

$115- Newborn massage session in home. 45 min- 1 hr. Due to travel I am less flexible with prorating, but if baby is done after 15-30 min a minimum charge of $55 is charged. 

Cancellation Policy: If you are unable to make your appointment for any reason you must notify me 48 hours prior to your appointment to cancel. If you are unable to do so, for example an emergency comes up, you are very ill.  I have a "flat tire" policy, meaning you get one "flat tire" reason for cancelling before you are charged. After that you will be charged the FULL rate of the appointment missed.