See what my clients have to say about their experience with me.

Before I started working with Leigh, I had been improving my diet and exercising more, but I was still having issues with digestion and inflammation. I was struggling with endometriosis and severe PMS. My immune system was weak and I was sick more often than not. The dietary changes and supplements that Leigh recommended have made a huge difference for me. My PMS is almost gone and so is the pain associated with my endometriosis. I have more energy and I don’t get migraines anymore. All of my digestion issues have been resolved and I even have less anxiety! After years of trying to improve my health, I am finally feeling well and I am so grateful to Leigh for helping me get here. On top of being very knowledgeable, Leigh is one of the most kind and compassionate people I have ever met.
— Kelli G.
I have a long history of painful and frequent IBS symptoms (severe cramping which lasted several hours an episode). In addition, I’m 74 years old, and have been diagnosed with spinal stenosis and arthritis. I am 4’11” and weighed 138 pounds when I began exploring the potential benefits of the paleo approach with Leigh Whannell in the spring of 2014. Under Leigh’s sometimes daily guidance, I have adopted a paleo approach to my diet and have stayed with it to the present day. Although not the main benefit from such a program, I lost 22 pounds, which helps to alleviate discomfort from the spinal stenosis and
arthritis. Over time, while making adjustments to my diet, with help from Leigh, my IBS episodes have dramatically reduced and when they do occur they are less severe and do not last as long. I continue to work with Leigh to keep my gut healthy. I appreciate the many times Leigh has shared new ideas and approaches with me. I have found a true help mate in Leigh Whannell and attribute my much improved health and wellbeing to all Leigh’s efforts on my behalf.
— Dorothy S.
I began working with Leigh shortly after learning that my gallstone troubles had returned, filling my whole gallbladder with stones. I was suffering from nausea and indigestion on a near-constant basis. Leigh completed a very thorough, yet gentle and nonjudgmental evaluation of my overall health and then developed a personalized action plan for me. I received detailed information on the best types and amounts of foods to eat, as well as recommendations for supplements and water consumption, and the best times of day to eat each food. Leigh took special care to make sure that all herbs would be compatible with breastfeeding and that I could continue to provide the most nourishing milk to my baby. Armed with this list of concrete steps I could take to gain control over and improve my health on my own, I managed to reduce the number and size of stones in my gallbladder in just a few short months — all while having way too many “cheat” days! I continue to feel even better as I work on improving my compliance, and I am developing a real appreciation of previously “undesirable” foods like beet, radish, and liver. I can’t thank Leigh enough for helping me to feel better and avoid a gallbladder removal surgery
— Andi K.
Leigh is an excellent teacher. She has helped me immensely as I train for an 18 mile overnight walk. I was having lower back pain and with the help of the warm up exercises Leigh has taught me, I am pain free. She is very patient and works closely with me as I try to position my feet and body correctly. She has a wealth of information stored in that brain of hers which she shares freely and in a way that a lay person can understand. I highly recommend her restoration exercise class.
— Anne S.
It was such a pleasure to work with Leigh on the Restorative Exercises. Working through the exercises, she demonstrates the positions, assists with making sure your position is correct, and clearly focuses on how you can make self checks to make sure you do it correctly on your own. Leigh explains the reasons behind the practice in understandable terms that are clear and meaningful. She knows her information and gives clear, concise directions. I enjoyed hearing about the purpose of Restorative Exercises and look forward to learning more from a great teacher as I improve my own posture and walking.
— Maryann
I was diagnosed with Myasthenia gravis (MG) in July, 2009. In August I began treatment with Mestinon, but overtime found that it did not alleviate my symptoms (double vision, difficulty keeping my eyes open, balance difficulties when walking and fatigue.) In January 2010, my neurologist prescribed an aggressive regime of Prednisone, plus Mestinon and Azathioprine. While these medications did alleviate my symptoms over some time, they did cause weight gain (ca 50 pounds +) which in turn aggravated the arthritis in my knees. In addition, such medications often cause liver damage and affect bone integrity. Disturbed by these physical problems, I met Ms. Whannell while visiting Seattle, WA in 2013. She described at length what might be accomplished to alleviate some of my physical concerns by adapting a paleo approach to diet. She promised to follow up with more information and explained that she would
be happy to guide me through the paleo approach via e-mail, telephone, and regular mail. In March 2014, I finally decided to try the paleo approach. Ms. Whannell e-mailed a comprehensive nutritional interview questionnaire which I completed. Based on my responses and questions, she began recommending a daily diet of grass fed meat, fish, fresh vegetables, and fruit. She recommended that I avoid, wheat, gluten, dairy, corn and soy additives etc. She also recommended two books, The Paleo
Approach Sara Ballantyne, PhD, and The Autoimmune paleo Cookbook by Mickey Trescott, NTP. In the first month of the paleo approach, I began to lose weight (although that is not the primary purpose of the program, it is a good side effect). I also noticed that I had more energy and did not feel the midday lethargy or slump that I’d experienced for quite a long time. I have followed the paleo approach since then and have lost over 50 pounds and regained my strength and energy. The primary benefit as, under my doctor’s supervision, I weaned myself off Prednisone and Mestinon, and only take small daily doses of Azatioprine, is that my MG is in remission. I know I would not have followed this approach if I had not had the immediate and continued encouragement and advice from Ms. Whannell.
— Glenn S.