I am trained as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Restorative Exercise Specialist™,  Healthy Foot Practitioner™,and Craniosacral massage therapist. I meld my three modalities, offering a unique lens in which I view my work with each client. I am a multi-talented practitioner who has studied, researched and walk the walk of real, authentic wellness. I have extensive training in each of my offered modalities. I put clients first, targeting a sustainable and results-oriented outcome from integrating a whole body approach to optimum wellness. I meet clients where they are in their journey- at whatever size, whatever level of health. My focus is on optimum health and not just one aspect of living the best life. I believe in health at every size. Informed, empowered and integrated whole health self-care is at the core of what I strive for. I've dedicated myself to women’s health as it pertains to the childbearing year and offer many services that help my clients achieve successful pregnancies from start to finish.